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Russo Bros Wanted to Shoot 'Infinity War' in Cleveland

Cleveland, Detroit & Pittsburgh: The Midwest Movie Belt

Cleveland, Detroit and Pittsburgh are historically known for their ties to the steel, oil and automotive industries. At the height of production, and when city populations were expanding, the region was interchangeably known as the Manufacturing Belt and the Steel Belt. But when those industries began to decline in the mid- to late-20th century, and laid-off workers started moving away, the region got a new name: The Rust Belt.
Today, all three cities are in the midst of a renaissance. New industries are taking hold in each city, enticing thought leaders and young professionals to put down roots and make the Midwest home. Bio-medical, technology, social services and education are fueling the region’s rebirth.
But the most exciting and surprising new industry for Cleveland, Detroit and Pittsburgh is the motion picture industry.
In fact, the three metropolitan areas, no more than a five-hour drive apart, account for the vast majority of major motion picture production in Ohio, Michigan an…

Superheroes Land in Midwest - Again; 'Superman vs Batman' to Film in Detroit

By now you’ve heard the news: the much-anticipated sequel to Man of Steel, tentatively titled Superman vs Batman, will shoot on location in Detroit, Mich., and other areas of Michigan in 2014.
That’s big news for fans of filmmaking in the Midwest and further proof that shooting in the Midwest is becoming even more viable and preferred.
For those taking count, that’s four big superhero blockbusters filmed (or about to be filmed) in the Midwest in the last few years. Pittsburgh played Gotham City in The Dark Knight Rises, Cleveland substituted for New York City in the mega-hit Marvel’s The Avengers, and work recently wrapped on Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier in Cleveland, as well. This time, the city portrays Washington, D.C.
Speculation is that Detroit will likely substitute for Gotham City. And with a first quarter 2014 shoot, that could mean a Gotham City during wintertime.
DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures will benefit from state tax incentives, and the film will bring…