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Russo Bros Wanted to Shoot 'Infinity War' in Cleveland

Cleveland Intersection is the Hub of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Something occurred to me when I watched the recent trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. More Marvel cinematic heroes and villains have battled in one Cleveland intersection than anywhere else in the world.
The intersection is E. 9th Street and Euclid, in the heart of Cleveland’s financial district and along its theater and health corridor. Spider-Man and Sandman battled on the asphalt under the traffic light there. The Avengers destroyed the Chitauri in the skies among its border buildings. And Captain America will soon pursue the Winter Soldier straight through the intersection in an effort to save the Marvel Universe once again.
That’s pretty amazing when you think about it. Quite possibly, there is no where else in the world where the Marvel Cinematic Universe has made a bigger impact in such a small space.
Now, we’re not counting studio lots and green screens. We’re talking on location work. Sure, you can go to California and New York and tour the neighborhoods where Spid…

How to Become a Midwest Movie Actor: Four Actors Share Their Secrets

With big blockbusters setting up shop throughout the Movie Belt and generous tax incentives helping smaller films get made, there’s never been a better time to be a film actor in the Midwest. Though it’s still a challenge to make a full-time wage in the profession while living in Cleveland, Pittsburgh or Detroit, there’s plenty of opportunity to get hands-on experience.
We recently sat down with four Cleveland-area actors (hey, we’re in the Cleve – it was the easiest this time around – not that we didn’t search for some Pittsburgh and Detroit thespians) to get their take on working in front of the camera.
Melanie Hauergrew up in the Cleveland area and is active in local theater. More often than not, you can catch her on-screen acting through the 48 Hour Film Project. She’s also appeared in a number of short films, as well. Her turn as Ms. Pop in Super to the Heroes took her to the 2012 San Diego Comic Con, where the film competed in the world renowned event’s international film festival…

Where Ya Gonna Shoot? Cleveland! ‘Ghostbusters 3’ Coming to the Midwest Movie Belt in 2014?

Cleveland’s filmography just keeps growing. And now word comes that Ghostbusters 3 will shoot in the Midwest Movie Belt city in 2014. The possible sequel is a follow-up to the 1984 hit and it’s more cartoon-like 1989 follow-up. The new film reportedly will see the original Ghostbusters – sans Bill Murray – training a new group of paranormal investigators. Recent rumors suggest that will include Jonah Hill and Emma Stone.

If the film comes to the Cleve, it may be because of director Ivan Reitman's experience in the Northcoast city this summer. Reitman was in town to shoot Draft Day with Kevin Costner. By all accounts, the film went smoothly and all involved had a great experience.

Ghostbusters 3 would be the first big budget film to hit Cleveland in 2014 that we know about right now.  The city saw several films and various scales shoot among its buildings and ‘burgs in 2013, including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Draft Day, Miss Meadows, Bad Grandpa and the currently shooting

Katherine Heigl & ‘Jenny’s Wedding’ Shooting in Cleveland

Somewhat mimicking the theater calendar, filming in Cleveland has shifted from summer blockbusters (Captain America: The Winter Soldierand Draft Day) to autumn independent films (Miss Meadows). For the last week, Jenny’s Wedding, starring Katherine Heigl  (Grey’s Anatomy, Knocked Up)and Tom Wilkinson (Batman Begins, The Lone Ranger), has shot in the Northcoast city.
The film focuses on Heigl’s main character, Jenny, who shakes up the lives of her close-knit, status quo family when she announces she’s getting married – and who she’s getting married to. Wilkinson plays her father.
Mary Agnes Donoghue directs and produces, working from her own script. Donoghue scripted Beaches and White Oleander.
Heigl was spotted around town already, dining at Hodge’s downtown. According to reports, she spent some time with fans who recognized her, taking pictures and introducing herself as “Katie.”
The film shot in University Heights this week . The film took over the offices of Mayor Susan Infeld’s assis…