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Russo Bros Wanted to Shoot 'Infinity War' in Cleveland

'Lost's Radzinsky is Cincinnati Native, Miami Grad

Fans of Lost who live in the Midwest might love to hear that actor Eric Lange, who played the over-the-top and love-to-hate-him Stuart Radzinsky this season, is a Cincinnati native and Miami University graduate. The actor has played a slew of guest roles on such shows as My Name is Earl, CSI, Bones and more. The Cincinnati Enquirer hosted a live chat with the actor in celebration of Wednesday night's season finale of Lost, "The Incident". You can read it here.

'Ears' Some News: 'Star Trek' Ears Come from Ohio

Hey all you Trekkers headed out to see J.J. Abrams Star Trek this weekend. When you swoon over Spock's pointy ears, just remember that those ears came from Ohio.
More precisely, the make-up artist who crafted all the ears in the new blockbuster is from Ohio. Scott Gamble, a Kent State University grad and Stow, Ohio, native, is the make-up artist behind the lobes.
Hope to talk to Scott soon ... but in the meantime, here's a short interview with the artist courtesy of Cleveland's CBS Action News:

Interview with ‘Supernatural’ Creator Eric Kripke

I had the unique opportunity to speak with Eric Kripke, Toledo native and creator of the popular CW horror/adventure series Supernatural. Eric was in his car on his way to lunch, and I was sitting in my car sweating (the air conditioner is busted; maybe one of the Winchester brothers could fix it for me?). 
Eric was incredibly kind and very generous (though I couldn’t get him to spill any Supernatural spoilers … sorry folks!). His is a great story of determination – something he calls “dangerously obsessed.” His is a journey any aspiring filmmaker from the Midwest can follow, though he does have some sobering advice:“My advice isn't necessarily comforting, or hell, even correct,” Eric says. “Cause who knows anything?  So take it with a wheelbarrow of salt.  But if you really want to break into the film industry, you probably have to move to where the film industry is.  New York or Los Angeles.  That's where the producers, production companies, agents, managers, and studios are,…