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Russo Bros Wanted to Shoot 'Infinity War' in Cleveland

Ohio Filmmaker Fine with ‘Relative Obscurity’

It’s not that often a homework assignment turns into a feature film. But if you raise the curtain on filmmaker Jeff Rosenberg’s Relative Obscurity, that is the scenario you’ll discover.

Rosenberg was sitting in class at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, when his international theater professor, Dr. Esiaba Irobi, shared with the class a quote from author and essayist Franz Fanon: Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover it’s mission, betray it, or fulfill it.” Dr. Irobi then asked the class to respond to the quote in written words – essay, poem, whatever struck their heart.

“I wrote a 100-page screenplay,” says Rosenberg. From that screenplay, Rosenberg, a native of Shaker Heights, Ohio, set about turning words into pictures. The writer then enlisted friends and business associates producer John Swartz, a Columbus, Ohio, native; director of photography Devin Doyle; and editor Spencer Houck – together Par-T-Com Productions – to craft the film.

And once the group secured H…

In Central Ohio The Dead Matter

In 1996, three John Carroll University graduates got together and made an ultra-low budget horror film, The Dead Matter. Shot on super-VHS (remember VHS?), the horror flick – featuring zombies, vampires and the occult – was in the can for no more than $2,000. It caused a bit of a buzz locally, and then faded into fond memories.

Now, more than a decade later, those three friends are back at it, remaking the film with a much bigger budget, professional actors – including Lostfan favorite Andrew (Mikhail) Divoff and horror FX maestro Tom Savini – and the backing of industry professionals Precinct 13. You can expect to see The Dead Matter at a theater near you – and on the shelves of your local video store – in 2009.

Midwest Movie Maker recently had the opportunity to talk to The Dead Matter’s producer, director, writer and composer, Ed Douglas.

Midwest Movie Maker (MMM): Tell me a bit about Midnight Syndicate Films.

Ed Douglas (ED): Midnight Syndicate Films is the filmmaking division of En…