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'Sonny Days' Shine for Pittsburgh (and Ohio) Filmmaker

When I set out to write this story, I wondered what my lede would be. How could I hook you, gentle reader, into this story? How could I make you want to learn more about filmmaker Tom Megalis and his new film, Sonny Days: Youngstown Shakedown II?
Then I quickly realized I couldn’t top Megalis’ own story about how his film came to fruition. Here. Let’s let him tell it:
 “One day I get a call from talent agent David Sedelmeier at the Talent Network in Pittsbugh,” Megalis begins.  “Sedelmeier says , ‘Some woman in Youngstown is looking for a comic filmmaker to make a film for her.’ To him, the whole thing sounded really weird and messed up and crazy. 
“So naturally, that’s the kind of call I had to make.”
Turns out, the story was all true. Pamela Kovach, a Youngstown-area doctor, wanted to honor her deceased husband, John Kovach, Jr., by making a sequel to his gangster film, Youngstown Shakedown.  Megalis and his partner, Jon Kasunic, headed to Youngstown to meet the doctor and find out mo…