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Nothing Strange about Cincy Filmmaker’s Brand of Movies

When you land on Rebel Pilgrim’s website, the first thing you notice is that the Cincinnati- and Las Vegas-based production company has a slew of films in the pipeline. Not one or two. More like 10.
To any independent filmmaker trying to make a mark in an industry littered with big-budget, CGI behemoths, it’s a pretty impressive slate to behold. Makes a fella with a digital SLR and Adobe Premiere wonder how he can make that happen for himself.
The trick, it would seem, is to tell stories that people want to see. For Rebel Pilgrim, those are stories of hope and redemption that the whole family can watch together.
Which doesn’t mean make cloyingly sentimental films, either. Just ask Joe Boyd, president and managing partner of Rebel Pilgrim. Boyd, an entertainment veteran and ordained Christian minister, founded Rebel Pilgrim in 2005.
“There's nothing wrong with darker or less-than-hopeful movies, but that's just not what we want to do,” says Boyd. “I think movies are a way to escap…