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Russo Bros Wanted to Shoot 'Infinity War' in Cleveland

Why Does Cleveland So Love 'A Christmas Story'? We've Got Some Answers

A Christmas Story. What is it about this movie?
What is it about this film that so captures the imagination of Clevelanders? And I don’t mean in the way it captures the imagination of overtired parents and children coming down off a candy cane buzz sitting in front of TBS on Christmas Eve.
I mean how Bob Clark’s now classic film, based on Jean Shepherd’s classic story, is now part of the very fabric of Cleveland.
It is true that some of the film’s most iconic scenes - the outside of Ralphie’s house and the backyard where he shoots his eye out, the Christmas parade and Ralphie’s tragic visit to Santa Claus (“Ho …. ho ….. ho.”) - were filmed here. But the bulk of the movie was shot in Toronto. And the story is set in fictional Hohman, Indiana.
Still. Doesn’t matter. A Christmas Story is Cleveland through and through. How did this happen? And why is it so?
‘You’ll shoot your eye out, kid.’ Dennis Tennant says it’s because the film reminds him of what it was like being a kid. “I still want a

Ackermaniacs Unite! Cleveland’s Ed Ackerman is Building a ‘Capital’ Acting Career

Even though Cleveland native Ed Ackerman is building a successful Hollywood career, there’s a pretty good chance his name isn’t ringing any bells. That’s okay. Because as soon as I tell you he’s one of three recurring Viking characters from Capital One’s popular television campaign, you’ll immediately think, “Oh, yea, that guy!”
“My face may have arrived in your mailbox promoting Capital One, or popped up on an internet banner, inevitably annoying you and temporarily distracting you from finding out your sports teams score,” jokes Ackerman.
Then, as you learn more about Ackerman’s growing filmography, you’ll start seeing him pop up everywhere (like in Bones or Vegas or Last Man Standing). You’ll know that, sooner or later, he’ll catch fire, either in a feature film or a TV series, and you’ll be able to say, “Oh, yea, I was a fan of his before everyone became Ackermaniacs.”
If you already feel a little bit behind, no worries. We’ve got the 411 on Ackerman and how he went from local weddin…