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Accidental filmmakers: A chat with Thomas Denvir and Dave Hickin of 'Accidental Heroes'

Dare I say it? Making an independent movie is no simple task. (There, I said it.)
But the trials and tribulations rarely slow passionate filmmakers. When they get bit by the bug, the press forward, regardless of the pain and pressure. Much of it self-inflicted.
In the end, dedicated filmmakers wind up with a finished product that seems to happen quite by accident. In truth, all the pieces come together right when they’re supposed to: the concept, the crew, the cast, the creation - even the craft services.
And in a lot of ways, everything’s coming together for Cleveland filmmakers Thomas Denvir and Dave Hickin. When the duo met while attending the Ohio/Illinois Center for Broadcasting in 2009, the two became fast friends. After graduation, they started shooting sketch comedy for YouTube. Then one thing led to another and now they’re making their first feature, a comedy titled Accidental Heroes.
We sat down (via email) with Tom and Dave to get a closer look:
Midwest Movie Maker (MMM): Tell m…