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5 Horrific Questions with 5 Horrific Filmmakers

Every year, the entire staff of Midwest Movie Maker scours the landscape for horror movie filmmakers who are willing to submit to five of the most horrific questions we can come up with. We torture them with our Jigsaw journalism. We confuse them into convulsions with our Kubrick questions. We spook the Stranger Things out of them.
This year, we found five horror maestros willing to submit to our survey:
John Oak Dalton(JD): A Midwest screenwriter who has penned late night B-movie goodness as Peter Rottentail, Haunted House on Sorority Row and Jurassic Prey. Dalton was born in Muncie, Ind., attended Ball State University, and, in 1987, was the first scriptwriter to win a David Letterman Telecommunications Scholarship.
Bryan Geary(BG): An actor based in Northeast Ohio, who recently appeared in the Netflix original Little Evil. Geary studied Entertainment Business at Full Sail University.
James Travers