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A filmmaking first! FunMill produces two films during Cleveland’s 48 Hour Film Project

Any filmmaker who has endured a 48 Hour Film Project knows the contest is something of a marathon sprint: a race that requires incredible endurance, tons of planning, constant movement and military precision to pull off. At least if you hope to win either audience accolades or a coveted prize.
It’s a challenge for even the most seasoned professional. So imagine making two.  

“I wanted to shake things up,” says Kinsley Funari, a 48 Hour Film Project vet. “This year, I found myself working with a team I knew collectively could pull it off.  I kinda didn't ask permission, I just paid the fees and registered the teams and apologized later.”

Funari had help. Her partner in crime, Josh Miller, came along for the ride. Together, Funari and Miller are the foundation of FunMill Films.

“Kinsley approached me, telling me that I had no choice in the matter,” Miller says. “I was fully in from that moment. Also knowing that she, of all people, could do it.”

The result? “Intuitions,” a dark tale of m…