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Russo Bros Wanted to Shoot 'Infinity War' in Cleveland

'Captain America: Winter Solider' to Film in Cleveland in 2013

Not too long ago, we wondered if Captain America: Winter Soldier would come to Cleveland, since its directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, hail from the Northcoast. Looks like that wish has come true. Today the Greater Cleveland Film Commission announced that the sequel to the 2011 blockbuster will take over downtown next year.
Again, Cleveland and the surrounding area will double for locations like New York City and, possibly, Russia. Studio work will take place in California. In upcoming posts, we'll dig into the Winter Soldier story and see if we can make some predications.
Here's the rest of the release:

"Marvel is pleased to return to Ohio, this time with our Captain America: The Winter Soldier production. The location, talent and people of Ohio are sure to benefit our film, and we look forward to beginning production," said Louis D'Esposito, co-president, Marvel Studios.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier will pick up where Marvel's The Avengers leaves off,…

‘Captain America 2’ Coming to Cleveland?

With word that Anthony and Joe Russo are set to direct Captain America 2: The Winter Solider, is it possible that one of our favorite Avengers could return to Cleveland?
It’s complete and utter speculation, but there’s no reason not to start championing the possibility. After all, the Russo Brothers are Cleveland natives who have said they want to bring more films to Northeast Ohio (they filmed Welcome to Collinwood here in 2001). And knowing that The Avengers enjoyed an extremely successful on location experience in downtown Cleveland, there’s precedence for Marvel Studios to return to East 9th and Euclid.
Just for kicks, let’s through in the storyline, too. Comic book fans know the Winter Soldier of the title is – spoiler alert! – Bucky Barnes. A half-frozen Barnes is swept up by Russian soldiers in WWII and brainwashed into becoming a lethal assassin.
That calls for some Russian-looking locations. And we got that.
Just take a look at 1997’s Air Force One. Wolfgang Petersen shot porti…

Why Wait for Blu-Ray? Avengers Behind the Scenes Footage

Why wait for Sept. 25 to see all the behind-the-scenes extras from this summer’s mega-blockbuster on The Avengers blu-ray when so much is already available on YouTube?
Okay, true, the blu-ray and DVD extras will be more extensive and likely super-cool. But with all the great clips available via social media, it’s easy to get your fix early. And it makes us wonder if the blu-ray should include a special section specifically for some of the best “caught on smartphone” videos.
Most of those that we’ve found – and are most interested in – take place during last year’s on location work in downtown Cleveland. A big deal, since the scenes are from the final big battle with the alien Chitauri.
Here are some of our favorites:
Avengers Battle Scene – Day 2, by jpesicek In this two-minute clip, we get to see just how much of E. 9th and Euclid was consumed by The Avengers movie set. While it takes a good minute to get into the action, once it does, you can see a long line of Humvees firing into t…

Gillian Jacobs Joins ‘Cleveland, I Love You’ Community

The community of actors involved in Cleveland, I Love You continues to grow. The production recently announced the addition of Gillian Jacobs to the cast. 
The movie, produced by Cleveland filmmakers Eric Swinderman and Mark Pengryn, tells tales of love in Cleveland by way of 11 vignettes – love stories created by some of Cleveland’s most talented filmmakers.
Jacobs, best known for her role as Britta Perry in the NBC sit-com Community, will play Busy Phillipps’ character’s sister. Phillipps, known for her work as Laurie Keller on ABC’s Cougar Town, joined the cast earlier in January. Both will star in a short written by Karey Dornetto (South Park, Community, Arrested Development) and directed by Shaker Heights native Jamie Babbit (United States of Tara, The Middle). 
Dornetto’s connection to Community helped draw Jacobs to the project. As a producer on the program, Dornetto reached out to Jacobs and she agreed, explains Swinderman.
And he couldn’t be more thrilled.
“I am a huge fan of Com…

Cougar Town’s Busy Phillipps Joins the Cast of ‘Cleveland, I Love You’

Cleveland, I Love Youis busy filming – and soon will be filming Busy Phillipps. The actress, best known for her work on Cougar Townand E.R., has joined the cast of the independent film.

The movie, produced by filmmakers Eric Swinderman and Mark Pengryn, tells the tale of love in Cleveland through 11 vignettes – love stories created by some of Cleveland’s most talented filmmakers.
Phillipps joins the short helmed by Hollywood director and Shaker Heights native Jamie Babbit (United States of Tara, The Middle) and written by Karey Dornetto (South Park, Community, Arrested Development).
“We were originally talking with Molly Shannon about doing the film, since she is a Shaker Heights native,” says Swinderman. “But we couldn't work it out with her schedule. So Jamie approached Busy because they had worked together before. She said yes and the rest is history.”
Phillipps character is busy getting her life back together after undergoing rehab. She escapes to Cleveland and reconnects with he…

Cleveland, We Love This Movie: Filmmaker Eric Swinderman Creates the Ultimate Cleveland Love Story

Eric Swinderman is making the mother of all Cleveland love stories.
The filmmaker, born in New Philadelphia, Ohio, and a Cleveland area resident since 1996, is quietly making an independent film in and around Cleveland, on weekends and late nights, which will turn heads and have people talking within the year.
And not just because it has the backing of writer/director and Cleveland native David Wain. Or the bona fides of Shaker Heights native and director Jamie Babbit (United States of Tara, The Middle) and writer Karey Dornetto (South Park, Community, Arrested Development).
No, people will be talking because the film – a collection of love story vignettes loosely tied together – is the collaboration of dozens of Northeast Ohio writers, directors, actors, crew members and cinephiles. Not too mention the talent of local celebrities like Robin Swoboda and Leon Bibb.
Midwest Movie Maker sat down with Swinderman not long ago to talk about Made in Cleveland:
Midwest Movie Maker (MMM): How’d yo…