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Russo Bros Wanted to Shoot 'Infinity War' in Cleveland

Weather Perfect for 'Captain America: Winter Soldier' Extras Casting Call

Krista and Ray, huddled under umbrellas and bearing the full brunt of a cruelNortheast Ohio rain, remained in high spirits. Both would-be Captain America: The Winter Soldier extras stood half-way through a line of people waiting to apply to the film - a line at least 1,000 Ohioans deep.
I stood with them, covered in a National City raincoat - weather resistant, not water proof - crossing my fingers that Maryellen Aviano, extras casting director for the Marvel movie, would cast me for a vital extras role in the new film. You know, something like "bearded guy who runs from flung shield." Something like that.
For spoiler fans out there eager for the next tidbit of news on the super-secret project, I don't have much. And I'm not necessarily willing to give anything out. Truth is, I want my 15 seconds of fame. And if not telling is something I have to adhere to, then I'll do it.
That said, what I did learn is already out there, so I'll let you know. And it's slim…

First Captain America 2 Location Discovered?

We may have our first Northeast Ohio location for Marvel’s Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier. According to The Daily Superhero, the film will shoot on or along the FairviewBridge on the city’s border.
Only problem is – there is no FairviewBridge in Cleveland.
Now, this doesn’t mean the rumor is wrong (and we love Daniel Wolf and The Daily Superhero). It means the anonymous source in the post got the name of the bridge wrong.
Just to check, we reached out to Ivan Schwarz, president of The Greater Cleveland Film Commission, to find out more. Obligations to the production prevent Schwarz from talking about locations, but he did say that no one has released official information about any locations and that any locations right now are just a guessing game. “Any film shooting here will scout hundreds of locations,” he said.
If the rumor proves true, however, the film will shoot on or around the LorainRoadBridge. The bridge spans a portion of Rocky River Reservation and connects Cleveland wi…