First Captain America 2 Location Discovered?

Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier concept art.

We may have our first Northeast Ohio location for Marvel’s Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier. According to The Daily Superhero, the film will shoot on or along the Fairview Bridge on the city’s border.

Only problem is – there is no Fairview Bridge in Cleveland.

Now, this doesn’t mean the rumor is wrong (and we love Daniel Wolf and The Daily Superhero). It means the anonymous source in the post got the name of the bridge wrong.

Just to check, we reached out to Ivan Schwarz, president of The Greater Cleveland Film Commission, to find out more. Obligations to the production prevent Schwarz from talking about locations, but he did say that no one has released official information about any locations and that any locations right now are just a guessing game. “Any film shooting here will scout hundreds of locations,” he said.

Lorain Road Bridge over Rocky River Reservation.
Very wintry.
If the rumor proves true, however, the film will shoot on or around the Lorain Road Bridge. The bridge spans a portion of Rocky River Reservation and connects Cleveland with West Park. Fairview Hospital sits on the southeast side of the bridge, which is likely where the name mix-up comes from. Though that creates another question. Is it possible that the film is shooting at Fairview Hospital? Maybe the mix-up is not about the bridge, but about the location.

Assuming we're talking about the bridge as our location, the rumor says the Marvel film crew will employ a large green screen hanging over the bridge. Which begs another question. Will the film shoot on the bridge? Or in Rocky River Reservation?

Cap and Bucky. Seems like they could be
standing under the Lorain Road Bridge.
Considering the location, it’s unlikely that this bridge would be used to mimic a bridge in New York City. Not when there are so many great bridges in downtown Cleveland filmmakers could choose from. After all, it’s much easier adding buildings to the background than building an entire city, as evident in The Avengers and its downtown Cleveland scenes.

Our guess is that this bridge could be used for part of Winter Soldier’s back story. A portion of the Winter Solider comic book plot takes place in Europe – and, interpreted for the screen and to maintain film continuity, potentially at the base of a large bridge. Maybe one that, say, carried a train through the wintry mountains of Germany in World War II (on the right). So could the Lorain Road Bridge and the dense forest of Rocky River Reservation mimic those mountains? Maybe. 

Then again, shooting toward Fairview Hospital and that portion of the bridge could easily mimic the Captain America 2 concept art from Marvel Studios (below). And, really, that small neighborhood looks an awful lot like Kamm’s Corners.

Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier concept art.
Kamm’s Corners is just down the block from Fairview Hospital. It’s also home to Carol and John’s Comic Book Shop.

Carol and John’s, comic book fans, is one of the most celebrated shops in Northeast Ohio. This is where Brian Michael Bendis and Brian K. Vaughn bought their books when they lived in Cleveland and was the location of a portion of American Splendor. Shop owner John Dudas, a firefighter, was the subject of Bendis’ contribution to Marvel Comic’s 9/11 comic Heroes, as well. (Our suggestion, Marvel team and Russo Bros.: Get Dudas a cameo!)

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