Interviews with Filmmakers Erik Bork and J.R. Bookwalter

Just a quick post to point you toward two great interviews posted in the last week. (I know, a post. Can you believe it?

The first is with Erik Bork, Emmy-winning screenwriter and producer of From the Earth to the Moon and Band of Brothers. Bork talks about what it takes to make the journey from Dayton, Ohio, to the Emmy stage, and gives valuable insight into the screenwriting craft.

The second is with J.R. Bookwalter, an Akron-native who has moved back to the Midwest after more than a decade in Tinseltown. Bookwalter wrote, produced, directed, edited, acted in, and scored the ultra low-budget cult phenomenon The Dead Next Door. He's still in the biz, helping produce and distribute from his offices in Akron.

More later!

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