Chatting with Bob Heath,
Hot in Cleveland Producer and Akron Native

Earlier this month – after a bunch of schedule wrangling – I got the chance to chat with Bob Heath, Hot in Cleveland’s producer and resident Northeast Ohio expert.

When I asked him about growing up in Akron, he mentioned living on the west side of town. When I said I grew up the Montrose area, Bob perked up and chatted about how the only thing there when he was kid was the swim club.Not just any swim club, I thought. You mean Montrose Swim & Racquet Club, my place of employment for six burger-flipping summers. We spent the next five minutes chatting about Montrose Drive-In and the Freez.

It was a great ice breaker and the following 30 minutes breezed by. We talked about Akron’s old TV station and some of Northeast Ohio’s great personalities, like Tim Conway, who will make a guest appearance later this season on HiC.The interview was light and fun, just like the show. But when it was cut short by a call to the set, I knew I had to hold the producer to at least one tough question. And I laid it on him before he could escape.

“The women,” I said. “Are they east siders or west siders? Do they bop around Rocky River or are they chagrined by Chagrin Falls?”Heath was direct. “We’ll never say.”

Great. Another mystery. And I’d already had my fill of them on Lost.But he did reveal a little bit of a spoiler. Look for a tornado to threaten the women.

Could there be a season ending cliffhanger? Let’s hope so!

Read the full interview with Bob Heath here.


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