‘Revolution’ Returns Tonight on NBC; Tune In to Ohio Native Eric Kripke’s Epic!

Ohio native Eric Kripke's 'Revolution'
returns to NBC
If you’re not watching Revolution on NBC, you’re missing one of network television’s best pure action-adventure epics in recent years. Sharp writing, breathing-taking action – and all from the creative genius of Toledo, Ohio, native Eric Kripke.

Okay, there might be some hyperbole in there. And I’ll admit this is one of those rare instances when I step out of the role of tried-and-true Midwest entertainment journalist and put on the here’s-my-opinion hat. But I had so much fun with Revolution in the fall that I feel like I oughta do my part and let everyone who isn’t watching Revolution know.
Plus, supporting Revolution falls in line with Midwest Movie Maker’s mission statement: championing filmmakers from and films shot in and about the Midwest. The show’s creator, Eric Kripke, hails from Ohio and shows his pride for our part of the world in everything he does. (Fans of the show will note that the small Illinois neighborhood where our heroine, Charlie, hails from, is named after Kripke’s hometown, Sylvania, Ohio.)

“The second half of the season is bigger, better and more epic than the first,” Kripke says. “It’s like a war movie with a lot of complicated characters and emotion. That Lord of the Rings formula of epic canvas, intimate character scope. And we answer just about every myth question we've got. We explore Rachel and Miles' mysterious backstory, we explain why the blackout happened, and that's just in the first few episodes.”
'Revolution' takes place in the Monroe Republic,
largely made up of our Midwest home
Why love it? Because the show even takes part in our neck of the woods. Viewers will note that in this dystopian America, where all power – electricity and anything that would power electricity, specifically – is gone, the fiefdom that our heroes battle through is our swatch of the Midwest, with Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Pennsylvania the veritable heart of it all.

And our heroes have Midwest written all over them. Tried and true Charlie Matheson, the heart and heroine of our tale. Stalwart and no-nonsense Miles Matheson, at conflict with having helped fuel a coming war, is as much fun as a scruffy-looking, nerf-herder we all know and love. Aaron Pittman, a former Google employee and our usual comic-relief is secretly the character we see the show through – an everyman cast into an incredible situation he is thoroughly unprepared for. And Major Tom Neville, a ruthless villain who is as unpredictable as any we’ve encountered (and, played by Giancarlo Esposito, more frightening than The Walking Dead’s Governor [sorry, David Morrissey!]).
Co-produced by Jon Favreau (Iron Man) and J.J. Abrams (Lost, Star Trek and Star Wars VII), the adventure is top notch – and not too heavy. Just right –enough to make you fall into the world and forget your own 9 to 5 challenges.

Finally, Kripke’s a friend of the site, so, sure, we want to really help him out by encouraging everyone to tune in and get caught up. And if you’re already a fan, Kripke says to hold on to the bar, because this rollercoaster just click-click-clicked to the top of the hill.

“So tune in,” he says. “And most of all, please tune in to support a Midwestern filmmaker!"


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