Don't Shoot Your Eye Out! Our ‘A Christmas Story’ Holiday Gift Guide

Ralphie gets advice from Santa

For many Americans, A Christmas Story is a modern classic holiday movie. While certainly on the same list as similar modern classics - Home Alone, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation - A Christmas Story may well be on its way to the same lofty heights as A Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street, and It’s a Wonderful Life.

The movie is especially popular in Cleveland, where many of the film’s exterior shots were filmed, as well as the film’s iconic visit to Santa. “Those scenes are a historical reminder of what Cleveland was like back then,” says Ivan Schwarz, director of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission. “The movie is giving us a chance to look back at our own history.”

Still, it’s a movie for everyone from anywhere in the world. It celebrates childhood. It explores growing up. It reminds us what life was like when our worries were no bigger than Scut Farkas.

If you’d like to share that feeling with friends and relatives, we have some gift ideas for you.

1. Give them a copy of the movie

Sure, they can watch the movie 24 hours straight every year. But what if they want to stretch A Christmas Story to 48? Or 72?

It's a major award

2. A Major Award: The Leg Lamp

Give your friend a major award. The Old Man’s classic leg lamp. Don’t forget to tell your friend that the gift is fra-GEE-lay. Or pick up a string of leg lamps to decorate your Christmas tree.

3. Ralphie’s Childhood Home

If you find yourself in Cleveland, you can visit the actual home where director Bob Clark and his crew filmed exteriors of Ralphie’s childhood home. Entrepreneur Brian Jones bought the Tremont, Ohio, home in 2005 - on eBay, no less. Then he renovated it, turned the inside into a replica of the movie’s interior sets, and invited fans to tour the landmark. If you can’t go there, consider a tiny replica. Just don’t shoot your tiny eye out.

4. Read the book and compare it to the film

You’re not a true A Christmas Story fan if you haven’t read the Jean Shepherd book it’s based on. Filled with stories adapted to the movie - and some that weren’t - it’s a heart-warming, funny read on a cold, winter’s night.


5. Recreate scenes with these 7-inch action figures

If the movie isn’t on - and at Christmastime, how likely is that? - you can always recreate your favorite scenes with these 7-inch action figures. Choose Ralphie or the Old Man.

6. Ohhhh, fuuuuuuudge!

Ralphie famously cries out in frustration when everything goes wrong while he’s helping The Old Man change a flat tire. Celebrate that moment - a moment we’ve all experienced - with some delicious (we have to assume) fudge of your own.

Well, he didn't say fudge.

7. But he didn’t say “fudge”!

Remember what happened to Ralphie when he said “fuuuuuudddddge”? Yep. Mouth washed out with soap. You can recreate the scene with this peppermint-scented flavored bar of soap that looks a lot like the brand Ralphie tasted.

8. Your own bunny suit

Always wanted bunny pajamas like the kind Ralphie’s aunt sewed for him? Well good luck with that. Instead, you’ll have to settle for these footie pajamas - also pink, also like a rabbit.


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