5 stay-at-home questions with Tom Loveman

Filmmaker Tom Loveman
We’re getting deep into stay-at-home orders and filmmaker fingers are getting itchy. If you haven’t already started, chances are you’re making a short movie for Corman’s Quarantine Film Festival, Roger Corman’s first - and, as he says, hopefully last - contest for stuck-at-home writer/director/actors. Otherwise you’re going stir crazy, right?

Because filmmakers gotta film. 

For the last couple weeks, we’ve checked in with filmmakers big and small to find out how they’re doing - and what movies are on their stay-at-home must-watch list. Know a filmmaker who we should spotlight? Email us at midwestmovies@gmail.com.

Today we’re talking to Tom Loveman, an award-winning writer and producer of the short films Reclamation and Synesthesia, which, combined, have appeared in over 80 film festivals, including the San Diego Independent International Film Festival. Reclamation won Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy short in the 2018 Burbank International Film Festival. 

Loveman cut his teeth in Cleveland as the co-creator of a sit-com, Julio, with producing partner Trish Sgro. Today he co-hosts the weekly writers' podcast "Writers Group Therapy" and co-leads a writers group in North Hollywood. 

Loveman's short film, Synesthesia
5 stay-at-home questions with Tom Loveman

Midwest Movie Maker: How would you describe being a filmmaker stuck at home without a crew?

Tom Loveman (TL): Haven't been in physical production for a while so not an issue. 

MM: How are you stretching your filmmaking skills while at home? 

TL: I'm writing and doing freelance work.

MM: What passion project are you working on now that you’ve got extra time? 

TL: Working on my first narrative podcast and first mobile game.

MM: If you were asked to make a movie about this COVID time, what would it be? Pitch it to us!

TL: My narrative podcast starts in the present and builds on what's happening now going over 100 years into the future.

MM: What five films are a must for everyone stuck at home?

TL: 100 Feet (women under house arrest), Daylight (stuck underground with Sly), 10 Cloverfield Lane (stuck in an underground bunker in alien apocalypse), Hotel Artemis (free on Epix right now, watched last night, Jodie Foster a nurse in a Hotel/trauma center for criminals during riots), Moon (Sam Rockwell alone on the moon).


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