For Sale: 'A Christmas Story' House

You can own Ralphie Parker's home. Just don't shoot your eye out

If you’ve ever wanted to own a piece of movie history, now is the time to contact your mortgage loan officer. Soon you could holler at the Bumpases or shoot your eye out in your new backyard. You see, “A Christmas Story” House is for sale.

The home, located on West 11th Street in Cleveland, Ohio, served as the exterior set for director Bob Clark’s A Christmas Story. It was purchased by Brian Jones in 2004 for $150,000. He bought it off eBay.

'A Christmas Story' House for sale
Cleveland's 'A Christmas Story' House

Jones has since turned the home into a bed and breakfast, museum and gift shop. That’s after extensive - and expensive - renovations to make the house look and feel like Ralphie Parker’s home. Since then, more than 75,000 people make the trek to Northeast Ohio to tour the home each year.

No word on what Jones’ is asking - (Ahhh, fudge!) - but you can find out more at the property’s official listing website.

Our hope? Mark Klaus, founder of Castle Noel in Medina, Ohio, outbids everyone for the property. Castle Noel is home to the world’s largest privately owned collection of Christmas movie props and costumes, including pieces from Elf, The Grinch, The Santa Clause, Jingle All The Way and more. Customers can even visit Santa and take a ride down Castle Noel’s replica A Christmas Story red slide.

A sequel to A Christmas Story, titled A Christmas Story Christmas, debuts on HBOMax Thursday, Nov. 17.

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